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At What Percentage of Moisture Should Sheet Rock Be ...

According to the the U.S. Green Building Council's Green Guide, moisture levels in a home should remain under 50 percent. However, this is the recommendation for the moisture in a home and does not necessarily provide an accurate reflection of what percentage of moisture sheet rock should have.

Gypsum Rock Free Moisture

Gypsum Rock Free Moisture. Gypsum Mineral | Uses and Properties. What is Gypsum? Gypsum is an evaporite mineral most commonly found in layered sedimentary deposits in association with halite, anhydrite, sulfur, calcite, and dolomite. .

Moisture Analysis of Gypsum – AMETEK Brookfield

Oct 06, 2013· Bound Moisture . The quantity of water that is chemically coordinated with the calcium sulfate is referred to as bound moisture. Once all of the free moisture has been driven off of the sample, the bound moisture can be measured. This is significant because the amount measured will directly correlate to the purity of the gypsum in the wallboard.

Analysis of drying and saturating natural gypsum samples ...

For moisture sensitive rocks, knowing the moisture content of the rocks is important. The most common methods for measuring rock's moisture content are convection oven drying (ASTM D2216-10, 2010) and microwave oven heating (ASTM D4643-17, 2017). For natural gypsum, however, heating the sample dehydrates gypsum and changes its chemical structure.

ToughRock (Common: 1/2-in x 4-ft x 8-ft; Actual: 0.49-in x ...

ToughRock (Common: 1/2-in x 4-ft x 8-ft; Actual: 0.49-in x 3.99-ft x 7.99-ft) Mold-Guard Drywall Panel at Lowe's. Moisture-resistant gypsum board provides extra protection against mold and mildew compared to traditional paper-faced gypsum wallboard products in high

National Gypsum Company

Gold Bond® Hi-Abuse® XP® Gypsum Board. Description. Gold Bond® BRAND Hi-Abuse® XP® Gypsum Board with Sporgard™* consists of a tapered edge, mold and moisture resistant, fire-resistant Type X gypsum core encased in a heavy, abrasion and mold/mildew/moisture resistant, 100% recycled, National Gypsum's original PURPLE® paper on the face side and a heavy, abrasion and mold/mildew ...

Gypsum Board Types & Gypsum Products | Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

Since 1965, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum has been committed to developing the highest quality gypsum building products in the industry. Our versatile ToughRock ® gypsum boards are ideal for a wide range of commercial and residential interior applications, and our Dens ® family of high-performance fiberglass mat-faced gypsum products offer exceptional strength and superior moisture, mold and fire ...

Moisture Movement (Wicking) within Gypsum Wallboard

Moisture Movement (Wicking) within Gypsum Wallboard Paper # 580 Dale J Greenwell and Marc Y Menetrez US Environmental Protection Agency, 109 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 ABSTRACT Gypsum wallboard with repeated or prolonged exposure to water or excess moisture …

How To Accurately Measure Moisture in Gypsum Wall Board

Jan 03, 2019· In a moisture-compromised structure, drywall is especially susceptible to damage from exposure to moisture. This is because gypsum, the material drywall is made of, is very sensitive to moisture. ... Learn more about how to measure moisture using moisture meters by getting a free copy of our restoration guide at the link below.

7 Types of Drywall, Applications, and Uses

Nov 20, 2019· There are many types depending on the activity and the place where it will be installed. One important advantage that drywall offers is the presence of tapered edges on the long edges of drywall sheets that, when joined together, form a shallow recess for drywall tape and joint compound that allows for invisible finished joints.

Gypsum Installation: Pre-Rock Best Practices | 2014-11-01 ...

Nov 01, 2014· This generally causes the gypsum panels to be installed in locations where they will be exposed to moisture or high humidity. Gypsum panel products should not be installed on ceilings or any horizontal applications in pre-rock conditions where the potential for ponding water may occur.

Mold/Moisture-Resistant Gypsum Panels: Multi-Family Homes ...

In addition, Mold/Moisture-Resistant Gypsum Panels offer a number of other benefits related to the appearance, operation and construction of multi-family structures. o Moisture Protection – The first priority of Mold/Moisture-Resistant Gypsum Panels is to repel both liquid and vapor forms of moisture. The more moisture they prevent from being ...

PURPLE® high-performance drywall products | Products

Drywall – also known as gypsum board or wallboard – is a naturally fire-resistant, paper-covered sheet of natural or synthetic gypsum used to build interior walls and ceilings in most homes. PURPLE ® drywall is unique because it resists moisture, mold and mildew.

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board products are designed to provide better moisture resistance. ProRoc® Moisture Resistant products are not recommended for use in saunas, gang shower rooms, swimming pool enclosures, or areas continuously exposed to excessive high humidity. All ProRoc® Moisture Resistant products are

GYPSUM BOARD Guide Specification National Gypsum …

Project Name/Project Number/25-Sep-13 1 Gold Bond® GYPSUM BOARD National Gypsum Company GYPSUM BOARD Guide Specification National Gypsum Company (Specifier Note: The purpose of this guide specification language is to assist the specifier in correctly specifying gypsum board products and their installation.

Mold & Moisture Resistant Drywall | ToughRock Mold Guard ...

ToughRock® Mold-Guard™ is manufactured to meet ASTM C 1396 section 7 for moisture resistant gypsum board. If your local code allows for the use of ASTM C 1396 section 7 in wet areas, then ToughRock Mold-Guard may be used in this application. ... Can ToughRock Mold-Guard Gypsum Board be used in pre-rock conditions?


USG Sheetrock® Brand Mold Tough® Panels Firecode® X are 5/8 in. (15.9 mm) Type X panels that feature a noncombustible, moisture- and mold-resistant gypsum core that is encased in moisture- and mold-resistant, 100% recycled green face and brown back papers. When tested in accordance

Moisture and mold resistant drywall for enhanced ...

Moisture and mold resistant drywall has a fire and moisture resistant core and provides extra protection against mold growth. ... CertainTeed Regular Gypsum Board accepts most types of paints, textures and wall covering materials. ... For best painting results, all surfaces, including joint compound, should be clean, dust-free and not glossy ...

Analysis of Gypsum Moisture Content -

You fear mold erupting in your home wherever moisture is prevalent—in the basement, bathroom, laundry room, etc.—so you buy mold-resistant drywall. Mold resistant drywall is an innovation in this often static world of gypsum board, and manufacturers have been heavily pushing this on builders, designers, and homeowners.

What is Gypsum Board? – Gypsum Association

This term includes gypsum board, glass mat gypsum panels, abuse-resistant, and impact-resistant gypsum panels and gypsum shaftliner panels. Refer to GA-235, Gypsum Board Typical Mechanical and Physical Properties, for more information on characteristics, properties and performance. GA-235 is one of many free downloads in the GA Bookstore section.

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